Cousin Composites falls within the economic and overall social context of consideration of challenges and stakes which form an environmental policy highlighted by the support and sharing of all stakeholders in everyday business.

This policy is intended to gauge and limit the impact of the company’s industrial activities on the environment so as to be able to implement good behaviour and practices to trigger and support an “environmental reflex” in all actions performed in the context of its activities.

Total awareness of these fundamental challenges guides everyone working for the company to ensure daily respect of these commitments:

  • making environmental protection, human health and responsibility towards people conditions for sustainability of the company,
  • promoting an attitude which encourages sustainable development and development of the internal organisation to achieve this objective,
  • encouraging citizen-oriented and responsible corporate behaviour by implementing a policy based on transparency and continuous improvement where negotiation takes due account of the legitimate interests of stakeholders and awareness of developments of the company and its markets,
  • favouring development of eco-effective and safer waste processing lines in terms of their impact on health and the environment,
  • respecting regulations in terms of health, safety and the environment by applying the best available techniques in a context of economically measured cost.

The Rope to Rope project aim is to develop a range of ropes made from used mountain ropes. All the ropes produced will be used to supply various markets, from cords to climbing ropes, thus closing the loop on this type of product.
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Latest carbon balance being calculated before publication.


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