_Quality as a corporate strategy

La démarche qualité Cousin Composites est un projet porté par l'entreprise dans son ensemble

The Cousin Composites quality assurance programme is a project coordinated by the firm as a whole. A quality assurance project at the heart of daily concerns of one and all. In this spirit, all processes and staff are involved to manage, guarantee and plan quality.

Respect of client specifications until the delivery of products, involving the supervision and control of all stages of manufacture, involvement of teams in quality assurance guarantying an optimal client service.

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_ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001

Our quality management system is based on consideration of all professional aspects including the improvement of products and services, processes, production processes, client satisfaction and, more widely, improvement of company performance by involving all stakeholders, including clients as well as company and supplier teams.

With regard to products, quality is guaranteed by continuous compliance audits at all manufacturing stages. Commercial requirements in terms of the quality of products also requires rigorous selection of suppliers on the basis of quality.


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