_Extrusion (monofilament, multifilament)

La maîtrise des techniques de gainage par extrusion

The expertise in extrusion techniques is a strength of the company expertise. Our extrusion skills now range from manufacturing using this process by a wide range of monofilament and multifilament yarns.

This technology finds its use in domains as varied as industry, sports and leisure, medical, building, automobile, rail or aeronautics.

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Cousin Composites has developed a unique process for manufacturing FRP (Fiber Reinforced Product) for reinforcing fiber optic cables.

These composite rods (reinforced with glass, aramid or carbon) also make it possible to replace steel in many applications while being lighter, non-magnetic and insensitive to corrosion.

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Atelier d’enduction de fils

The enduction workshop is fitted with many impregnation lines for processing textiles or layers.

Regardless of the nature of the yarn to be processed, glass, carbon aramid, polyester, or polyethylene with a high molecular weigh, a wide range of resin can be used for impregnation including Polyurethane, acrylics, silicon, PVC.

The desired properties may be resistance to abrasion, better UV strength, fire resistance, etc.

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We also master the braiding technologies that allow us to produce technical braids with the possibility of impregnation.

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