_Gain experience from our past

conception des fibres innovantes pour les applications high tech dont Cousin Composites est le spécialiste

More than 175 years of excellence.

Our story began back in 1848, as part of the Cousin Frères family group. The company already worked in the fiber sector for over a century with an initial specialisation in the transformation and impregnation of natural and synthetic fibers.

It was not until the beginning of the 1990s that Cousin Composites began to specialise in its current business activities as part of Cousin group, in reinforcement and the manufacturing of high performance fibers.

Investment in high technology equipment placed the company in its current dynamic. A melt spinning line further bolstered production capacities. Processing threads with thermoplastic resins is undertaken via the integration of several latest-generation coating lines. This advanced and up-to-date equipment now enables the manufacture of ever more innovative fibers.

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_The strength of a future-oriented group

Cousin Composites, spécialiste du renforcement et de la production de fibres hautes performances, est une entreprise du groupe Dalle & Associés

Cousin Composites, real specialist in the production and assembly of high performance fibres belongs to the Cousin Group.
Its subsidiary company Cousin Trestec is specialized in technical ropes and other fabrics for leisure activities – kitesurfing, yachting, mountain climbing, - and industrial uses – hoisting, oceanography, military, EPI, slings.

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_Innovation as a source of inspiration

Cousin Composites maîtrise pour vos applications les technologies liées à l'utilisation des résines thermodurcissables et thermoplastiques

Operating in the industrial high added-value fiber market, Cousin Composites has mastered the use of technology related to the use of thermosetting and thermoplastic resins. In a permanent research and development approach, our specialist workshops implement innovative processes of reinforcement and assembly for the production of fibers with high technical performance.

This expertise can be found in very diverse client applications. Optical fibre cabling for instance, but also in the domain of sports, notably tennis and squash and even construction, for bracing and drawing wires.

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