Cousin composites : renforcement et protection des fibres, l'innovation comme maître mot

Each year, we invest over 5% of total sales into Research & Development. Improvement of skills, integration of new technologies, this is the commercial plan to improve processes and reinforce expertise in the production of high technical performance fibers. Today, we are particularly active in the industrial, sport, leisure, medical, construction and automotive markets, and for several years now in the major aeronautical and rail markets

In the framework of this permanent innovation, Cousin Composites has joined European research programs and has initiated partnerships with engineering schools, universities and research institutes.

Descartes project

For several years now, Cousin Composites has been involved in one of the biggest aeronautical projects of the decade.
In partnership with AIRBUS, ARKEMA, CETIM, DUQUEINE, LATECOERE and STELIA Aerospace, the IRT JULES VERNE and the GIFAS TS Group, we are currently developing a technology for manufacturing fuselage frames in thermoplastic composite.
Cousin Composites is in charge of research and development of raw materials with its expert officers.

More informations on the IRT JULES VERNE website.

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